Preferably, we indicate that the registration of the authors of the articles should be done by 9th September 2022.

Registration must be completed by October 30, 2022.


Until 10 Octuber 2022:

  • Full registration - U$ 200 U$ 70

  • Reduced Registration – Members of supporting Associations and Researchers from Turkey* - U$ 70

  • Students** - U$ 80 U$ 70

  • Publication fee - U$ 70

  • Publication fee (Reduced) *** - U$ 70

After 10th September 2022:

  • Full registration - U$ 300

  • Registration – Members of supporting Associations* - U$ 250

  • Students** - U$ 150

  • Publication fee*** - U$ 150

* Members of Associations supporting the conference (U. Sakarya, UFC, UVA, UA, FEUP, UTN, IFPB, PUC Chile, BUT, UCJC, IDD, ALCONPAT, IBRACON and the others listed in the Institutional Support), Researchers from Turkey, can obtain a reduction fee for registration. When registering, proof of enrollment as member of these Associations should be provided.

** The student registration includes the participation in the conference sessions, the delegate pack and conference materials, access to the coffee breaks and lunches. This fee does not include the conference dinner. When registering, student need to proof of enrolment in a graduate or post-graduate course. Copies of student ID cards are accepted.

*** Publication fee is a registration without the authors attend the conference, in order to ensure one paper publication in the CINPAR 2022 proceedings by fee.

Registration in CINPAR 2022 allows submission and ensures the publication of up to 2 (two) articles per author.

Inscription form

Payment of the CINPAR 2022 inscription fee

You can contact the Cinpar 2022 Organization by email (